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    Life insurance claims are denied for many reasons. The following page details some of the more common reasons, including fraud, misrepresentation, suicide, divorce, insurable interest and beneficiary change. Learn more about the law behind the reason your life insurance claim has been denied and what our attorneys can do to help. but-redon

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    The life insurance company has attorneys to represent them who know the intricacies of the law and are not working on your behalf. These lawyers spend hours researching the law looking for a basis to deny your life insurance claim. By hiring an attorney, we can protect your rights to help ensure that you and your loved ones are not in this alone. but-redon

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    The attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC have nearly 50 years of combined experience handling denied life insurance claims. Our law firm handles cases throughout the entire state of Missouri and our lawyers are licensed in State and Federal Court. Call today for your free consultation regarding your denied insurance claim. but-redon

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    Our experienced attorneys have obtained consistent results for nearly 50 years. Through that time, clients have walked through our doors with a denied life insurance claim and walked out with a check in hand. Our established record of success handling denied claims against insurance companies throughout the state of Missouri can be seen on our results page. but-redon

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Missouri & Illinois Life Insurance Denial Attorneys

We Have Never Lost a Life Insurance Case, Ever!

            The life insurance denial attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC are experienced when it comes to handling your denied insurance claims. With over 50 years of experience, we have seen life insurance claims denied for every reason imaginable. Is the life insurance company telling you that your claim is being denied because you were divorced at one point? We have handled that. Is the life insurance company telling you that they are not going to pay your claim because they allege something was misrepresented or that fraud was committed? We have handled that. Is the insurance company telling you that the life insurance benefit is not going to be paid because of suicide? We have dealt with that too. What if you are being told that you are being denied your life insurance benefits because a premium payment was missed or that there was an error on the application? We can help!

Our attorneys have helped recover over $1,000,000,000 in judgments and settlements.

            Here is what we have learned through our time taking life insurance cases just like yours, that the insurance company is a business. They are not around to make sure you are treated fairly or to make sure that you get paid on your insurance claim. They are there to make a profit. That means that if they can find any reason to deny your life insurance claim, then they will. If you were treated fairly and honestly, attorneys would not be needed. Likely, however, you are reading this page because you have been denied your life insurance claim and need a lawyer. Don’t just accept what the insurance company is telling you. Let us help. A free call to us and we will let you know what we can do to help. No more stress, no more uncertainty about your life insurance claim.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Claims

            Accidental death and dismemberment insurance claims get denied on a regular basis as well. The laws are strict in this area, so it is important that if you have questions, you consult with an insurance attorney as soon as possible. An accidental death policy is often times confused with a life insurance policy. However, an accidental death policy only pays out a benefit in the event of certain events. It is crucial, based upon time-limits or the statute of limitations to allow an attorney to review your case as soon as possible. If you have an accidental death policy and you have been told that it is denied or will be denied, call us for a free consultation.

We Get Results for Denied Insurance Claims

            Our results speak for themselves as we have been able to recover millions of dollars for families who have been denied by insurance companies. Whether it is a life insurance denial, accidental death policy denial, home owners insurance being denied, car insurance that has been denied, or otherwise, we can help. First the insurance company delays your claim for an unreasonable amount of time, and then they deny it. Get an experienced attorney to fight for your insurance benefits.

Hire an Experienced Insurance Claim Denial Attorney

Our results speak for themselves. Our experienced insurance claim denial attorneys have never lost a case. At Joseph & Eugene, LLC our lawyers handle cases throughout Missouri and Illinois. Don’t delay if you have been denied your insurance claim. Contact our knowledgeable lawyers today at (314) 881-8338 or send us an Insurance Denial question. We look forward to hearing from you. All communications are returned promptly.

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Life Insurance Denial Attorneys at Joseph & Eugene, LLC have nearly 50 years combined experience handling insurance claims throughout Missouri and Illinois.